New Program: Freak Scoring Machine

Freak Scoring Machine is the new basketball training program created by Adam Linkeauger and his VertFreak team.

It contains some really advanced basketball drills that are designed to program your body to become a better overall scorer.

Judging from previews and review of the program, it looks awesome!

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How To Get Motivated For Sports Training

As an athlete, you already know the importance of sports training.

If you’re not constantly training and evolving, you are constantly getting left behind by your competition.

While you sleep, thousands of athletes around the world are training for your same goals (college scholarships or pro contracts).

It can get overwhelming at times…because training can be quite hard on the body and mind.

One of my favorite things to do to get motivated is to read sports quotes from famous athletes and coaches.

These inspirational sports quotes are a great tool for re-energizing yourself and getting your head back in the game.

I usually read these motivational quotes from my favorite athletes, and this helps me push through any mental doubts or lapses.

Try reading some famous sports quotes if you ever need a dose of motivation during sports training.

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How To Increase Vertical Leap Using Static Stretching

Learning how to increase vertical leap can be done the right way or the wrong way. The right way is by buying a legitimate jump program written by a vertical jump expert like Taylor Allan. It will encourage quality time over quantity, and will never promise 100%, a vertical height improvement of something like 15 inches from your current height. While it may be possible, it’s a case to case basis.

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How To Maximize The Best Vertical Jump Programs

The best vertical jump programs like Vertical Project have one thing in common: they will never endorse pushing athletes beyond their limit in training. In sports, there is generally two kinds of athletes: the patient and the impatient athletes. You can also categorize them into those willing to listen, and those who would rather pretend to listen.

However way you want to narrow down these two kinds of characters in sports, very few non-listeners have been successful in their field. Thus, if you want your money’s worth from any of the best vertical jump programs, you will learn to listen and keep an open mind. There is no room for big egos when training to improve vertical leap.

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My Favorite Basketball Trainer Is Taylor Allan

If you play basketball, you need to check out Taylor Allan.

He is a Canadian basketball trainer with some great programs.

He seems highly knowledgeable in the most advanced training tactics, and he is also a pretty good basketball player.

I have been using his programs, and they ROCK!

Check him out.

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Adam Linkenauger’s New Freak Jump Technique Reloaded Program

Adam Linkenauger’s is about to release a brand new vertical jump training program called Freak Jump Technique Reloaded.

Adam is a former high-level high jumper, so he knows a thing or two about jumping technique.

In the Freak Jumping Technique Reloaded program, he teaches athletes  how to improve their vertical jump by improving their technique.

This is probably the easiest way to jump higher.

Check out this Freak Jump Technique Reloaded review for more information.

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Taylor Allan’s Brand New Dominate On Defense Program

Taylor Allan has just released a brand-new basketball training program called Dominate On Defense.

This is a 12 week program specifically designed to improve your defense on the court and turn you into a lock-down defender that all coaches love.

I have noticed that there are very few “defense-specific” training programs in the market (and most of them SUCK).

I think it’s because defense isn’t as “sexy” as scoring, ball-handling or dunking.

Even if it isn’t as cool as the other things, it is still one of the most IMPORTANT aspects of the game.

As they say “defense wins championships!”

I’m glad that a well-respected trainer like Taylor Allan has decided to put together the Dominate On Defense program.

Judging by his past programs, his new one should be just as good, and hopefully it will help you take your defensive ability to the next level.

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Scoring Secrets Program: Does It Work?

Hey y’all.

Have any of you bought Taylor Allan’s Scoring Secrets program?

I am curious because I have yet to get it.

I want to improve my scoring and it looks like a great program.

I have several friends who have used the program and they all say it’s very good.

I’ve seen some of Taylor’s training videos, and I can tell he is a very good scorer.

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Essential Exercises of an Effective Vertical Jump Training Program

There are a lot of exercises involved when dealing with lower and upper body parts that can assist to increase vertical jump. More than just building up the value of these body parts, workouts tone muscles and get you into shape by burning up weight brought by unnecessary body fats which can impede the ability to increase vertical jump.

The answer to this problem can be done by weighing up and choosing the right vertical jump exercises that you can benefit from. The Internet is the largest available encyclopedia where you can search the most suitable exercises for your body type. The following group of exercises are essential parts of an effective vertical jump training program. These are just a handful of the workouts involved to increase vertical jump and achieve maximum results…

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What Is Dianabol, and Why Is There So Much Interest In It?

Dianabol is an anabolic steroid that promises results quickly. Now, for athletes who need to jump higher, the additional muscle mass can add a few more inches to their vertical leap, putting them in the top seed position in their team, or even their sport. The recommended dose is one 30 mg tablet a day for 5 weeks. If you are familiar with the sense of urgency most athletes go through, you know that they probably will double this dose without thinking twice.

The side effects of taking this anabolic steroid are serious such as:

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